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What a lovely setting for our annual reunion with Bucky and Susan. (2006)
House Lake Yard
What a lovely setting for our annual reunion. (Left to Right) Party House, Lake View, Front Yard.
Schillings Schillings
We started on Thursday this year. The "Early" arrivals ate out at Schillings on the Square. When Forrest was a kid, this was a hardware store.
The second day started at Chicos (at least for half the crowd). Atlanta is now $1,000 better off because of ATO.
Remember when that was tuition, room and board for a year?
Appetizers Barbeque Barbeque
Appetizers of salmon, crackers and dip. Barbeque from 'Wallaces'. Good barbeque, Brunswick Stew, the works.

All pictures for this year by Bob N. -- Thanks for sharing, Bob.

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