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Another great "Gathering" of ATO's at Bucky and Susan's lovely lakeside home (2003).

Bucky & Howard

Del & Bucky


We started with drinks by the pool. You can see the lake in the background.

Sandie & Del

Fred, Jerry, Forrest & Bucky

Jerry, Fred, Bucky & Susan

Then moved to the screened "party house" for food. Bucky did the chicken and Jerry did the corn.

Susan, Jan, Joan & Jo

Sandie & Jo


Naturally, you can't have ATO's without girls. They had as much fun as the guys with less alcohol.

Bucky & Jerry

Del & Jerry's cigar

The night ended on the front porch where Jerry brought out his excellent cigars.

Bucky and Susan have been hosting what they call a "Gathering" of ATOs since we were all young. Del & Jo with Jerry & Sandie have been the "regulars", joined each year by a supporting cast that rotates. This year we were without Paul K. and Jim K. for the first time in a while. Fortunately, they were having their own fun elsewhere.

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