NovaScotia Tour

Day 4: From Nova Scotia travel to Prince Edward Island.
We said a temporary goodbye to Nova Scotia and rode a ferry to Prince Edward Island. On the way, we stopped for lunch in St. Peters. Notice that we all had on coats while the proprietor wore short sleeves. In residence was a delightful retriever who tried to get everyone to throw a ball for him to fetch.     We motored on to Charlottetown where we shopped and had dinner on our own.

Ferry StPeters Dog
What a large ferry! Inn at St. Peters. Retriever at St. Peters.

Day 5: Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island.
This was really a full day on Prince Edward Island. We started out to see Green Gables House, the farmhouse immortalized in Lucy Maud Montgomery's 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables. There were a few suprises along the way. First, Rob told us we were going to stop to see some cormorants. We got off the bus and walked over to a breathtaking cliff-side view of the ocean. Suddenly we heard the sound of bagpipes! Was Graham playing a CD? No -- Here came our own Scottish Bagpiper! Rob, you devil. Several people had pictures taken with the bagpiper.

Cormorants Piper On Cliff
Cormorants. Piper on the Cliff.

Rob had consistently said for days that we were going to dip our feet into the North Atlantic. Everyone laughed; nobody believed him. After the bagpiper however we began to realize that Rob just might be crazy enough to do just that. - - - - It was actually warmer than one would imagine.

Ron & Joan Rob & Friends Liz & Joanne
Ron and Joan. Bob, Rob and Mary Liz and Joanne.

We actually made it to Green Gables and finshed off the day with an authentic Island Lobster Dinner. Yummm!

Green Gables Lobster Dinner
The real farm featured in "Anne of Green Gables". Lobster Dinner. Lobster & Mussells Galore.
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