Contributions from guests on the Nova Scotia & PEI Tauck Tour.
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Peggy's Cove
Above is a panorama of the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. Below is a tour of the trawler anchored at the Lunenburg Fisheries Museum.

The schooner Theresa E. Connor , built in Lunenburg in 1938, fished the Newfounland banks for 25 years, using dories. Dories are small rowboats launched from the schooner, typically 200 miles from shore, in which 6 fishermen caught fish and brought them back to the schooner.

Schooner Dory Dories & Schooner
Schooner "Theresa E. Connor" Dories Dories pulling the Schooner
Iced Schooner Salted Cod Fish Stove
The schooner would sometime ice over. The primary catch, cod, was salted. The stove on board.
Navigation Station Motor Storage
Navgation Station, Motor and Storage. The 350 hp motor is often matched today by 25 foot runabouts.
Peggy's Cove was a delightful spot. Although only about 40 families live there year round it had a wide variety of vistas.
Peggy's Cove Inlet Peggy's Cove Homes Peggy's Cove Boats
Peggy's Cove Inlet Peggy's Cove Homes Peggy's Cove Boats
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