The Auxiliary offers Power Power Point presentations and a "Study Guide" in Adobe Acrobat format for the Weather Speciality Course. All are available from National Training Department.

There are older manuals titled WEATHER (AUXWEA), COMDTPUB P16794.30 Student Text and COMDTPUB P16794.29A Instructor Guide, which apparently don't exist in electronic format and the paper versions are not generally available. The "Study Guide" referred to above seems to be a replacement for the Student Text, COMDTPUB P16794.30. The "Study Questions" are different. Flotilla 12-10 will probably switch to the electronic versions described above.


I much prefer to have the Study Questions in printed form so I have extracted these from the electronic Study Guide in MS Word format. The answers will be available to students who take the Weather class.

The PPT presentations are available in one self-extracting file. Download this file and run it (e.g. double click) and it will put all the PPT files in one folder whose location you can specify. (Default is C:\AUXWEA)

Each link below is to one file.

Power Point Files Study Questions -- MS Word Format Study Guide 2004 -- Acrobat Format
PowerPoint Weather
(all in one file)
Chapters 1-3     Chapters 4-6     Chapters 7-8 Study Guide 2004
(with my highlights)

If want these files but really can't handle the download or the self-extraction, send an e-mail to your FSO-CS (Flotilla Staff Officer - Communications Services) whose name is in your Crows Nest.