The Auxiliary offers some excellent Power Power Point presentations for all six Operational Speciality Courses. The manuals are available in electronic format. These files are available from the National Training Department.


You can download all 11 files separately from the National Training Department web site for AUXCOM (Communications).

However, I have combined all the Auxiliary's PPT presentations for AUXCOM into one zip file. Just download this file and run it. It will extract the PPT files, ready to use, on your computer. I also created a file consisting of the Study Questions and Answers in Microsoft Word format. I much prefer to print out the questions and answers for review purposes. Your choice.

Each link below is to one zip file.

Power Point Format MS Word Format
Communications (8.2 MB) Review Questions (0.9 MB)

If want these files but really can't handle the download or the self-extraction, send an e-mail to your FSO-CS (Flotilla Staff Officer - Communications Services) whose name is in your Crows Nest and whose e-mail address is on the Flotilla 12-10 web site under 'Members'.