Updated Year Book, Class of 1959, Carnegie Tech
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Chris Bearden

Jim Bennett

Janet Wilson English

Melvin Hinich

Tom McBurney

Forrest Meiere

Regina Gouger Miller

Gary Pallone

Pete Pence

Nick Sopkovich

Gene Tellalian

Gene Tyburn

Richard Wiley



Some entries are from the Web Yearbook from our 1999 Class Reunion. These are identified; hope these get updated!

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Forrest Meiere
Physics and Math

Tech Activites:
ATO, various honoray societies,
last string intramural sports

ATO parties,
Math classes with Moskovitz
Current Activities:
Building for Habitat for Humanity
Coast Guard Auxiliary
Riverkeepers (Environmental Patrols)
Tennis (just local stuff)
Web Site Building Meiere.com

After Tech, I completed a PhD at MIT and accepted a position at Purdue as an Assistant Professor of Physics. I did the ususal "professor" thing at Purdue or Indiana University, Indianapolis, including a 15 year stint as department chairman, until retirement in 2001. There were several research stints at other US universities, a sabbabtical in Germany and one teaching tour in China but nothing earthshaking. Rubbed elbows with a number of Nobel Laureates but never made it to that level. Pat and I live on the coast of South Carolina with the ocean out our front door and the Intracoastal Waterway out the back. It seems like we are trying to do everything in SC at once but will probably slow down soon. Our two married children are Indianapolis and we are expecting our first grandchild in January. (Help!)

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