August was a busy month. We drove to the Atlanta area, where we visited with Paul and Jennifer Fields, stopped by Mom and Dad's graves and went to Bucky's ATO reunion (the reunion has its own page). We flew to Indinapolis where Pat her second consultation with a retina specialist, stayed with Keith and Sheri and visited with Kristen and Giacomo and with Marilyn. The day after we got back to Pawleys Island, Judy Duncan Chambers stopped by with two friends on the way back to Gallatin.

The House
The Fields' lovely home with Pat
standing in the doorway.

The Cars
It is a Fields home,
there must be lots of cars or trucks.

Paul and Jennifer
Paul and Jennifer Fields,
our gracious hosts.

We pulled into the driveway 5 minutes after Paul and Jennifer returned from taking their last child to College!
The four of us then went out for a fabulous Chinese meal -- one of the things we really miss in South Carolina.

Jennifer, Forrest and Pat

What can I say? I always go for the pretty girls.

Dad's Marker

Family Plot

Mom's Marker

Mom and Dad's graves. The Family Headstone in the middle says "Meiere" with Dad on the left and Mom on the right.

Judy and Forrest
Judy Duncan Chambers and Forrest

Pat joins the girls
Judy, her friends and Pat.

Judy and Forrest spent many summer vacations together as they grew up because the Duncan and Meiere families were very close. This was the first time they had seen each other for 48 years.

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