The StingRay Open House was held on a lake near the factory in Hartsville, SC.
Here is a panoramic view of the StingRay House from the dock.

The docks look like this as seen from the StingRay House.

StingRay owners and staff enjoyed a delicious dinner of steak, chicken and all the trimmings.

The Welcome Sign The Caterers The 'Speeches'

The factory tour showed how a boat is built from scratch to the finished product. The process starts with a bare form which is coated, from the outside in, with gelcoat, a thin layer and a thick layer of fiberglass.

Bare form Partially coated form Finished hull bottom

The hull sections are 'popped' from the forms and each one is finished.

All the pieces are put together.

Smaller components are constructed by a combination of computer controlled cutting machines and talented humans.

Water Jet Wood Cutter Hand Work

Last Step

We saw a glimpse of the future and a snapshot of the past.

Prototype of a future model.
First StingRay ever made. Documentation for Serial #001

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