Pat and Forrest are very are proud of being part of the RiverKeeper program for a number of years. The National RiverKeeper has been active for several years but the local chapter came to our area about 2001. The Meieres are 'charter members' is some sense. There are many aspects to the program but the part we were most excited about assigned teams to patrol certain areas and report problems such as pollution, illegal dumping and such. Our first real patrol was November 12, 2003. If you are interested in the Upper Ricefields East area, you might want to follow along. We only covered a part of our patrol area but it was a very satisfying day. The Riverkeeper program is still active but the patrol idea has been dropped.

Click to follow a patrol in the Upper Ricefields East Team Area.

If you are interested in the RiverKeeper program and want to see a chart with the specific waterways marked, you can download and print these images. They are for the Upper Ricefields East Area. I printed these and taped them together so they form a portion of the NOAA Intracoastal Waterway chart for this area and take that chart on patrol.

If you are curious about that part of the Waccamaw Riverkeeper program, you may download a blank patrol report we used.

Intracoastal Waterway Nautical Chart with waterways to patrol marked.         South Portion         North Portion
These are large files (5 MB each) so you may not want to download them with a dial-up connection.
(The web page with pictures of a patrol should download quickly.)

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