River Cruise
Neuremberg to Passau
Nuremberg Nazi Congress Hall Nuremberg Nazi Grandstand in ZepplinField
Nazi Congress Hall Nazi Grandstand in ZeppelinFeld
Nuremberg has a long and rich history in Germany except for the relatively short period when Hitler controlled the country. The Nazi party selected Neuremberg as the site for its huge political conventions and built a number of large structures such as these for its activities.
Nuremberg Market Square Nuremberg Kaiserburg Castle Nuremberg St.Sebolds Church
Nuremberg Market Square Kaiserburg Castle St. Sebaldus Church
We visited several other Nuremberg historical sites. Forrest was delighted to find his favorite German Wurst in the market place and ordered "Ein Turinger, bitte" in his best German. The man behind the counter replied in English "Thank you sir".
From Nuremberg, we took the Main-Danube Canal to the Danube river. This is an amazing engineering feat; a canal over the mountains! It reaches a height of 406 meters above sea level; the highest point on Earth that can be reached by watercraft from the sea. This is accomplished by 16 locks over a distance of 171 kilometers. Most of the locks reuse the water used to raise and lower ships by storing the water in holding tanks.

As you can see below, the canal sometimes crossed over roads, almost like an overpass on our Interstates. Seemed strange to see a car go under our boat.

The bridge on our ship could be lowered to the level of the top deck in order to pass under some of the bridges. This left about 12 inches to see out.
Mainz Canal Lock
Lock Over Road Holding Tanks Moveable Bridge
Canal "Overpass" Holding Tanks Hydraulic Bridge
Passau was an interesting small town on the German border. It receives four times as many tourists each year as the number of residents. After a tour of the city, we sailed on to Regensburg which is a much larger city than Passau. The Regensburg bridge, built in the 1100s, opened major international trade routes between northern Europe and Venice, leading to Regensburg's golden age as a trading center.
Passau Fortress Nuremberg Nazi Grandstand in ZepplinField
Passau Fortress Regensburg Bridge
Regensburg Wurstkuche Regensburg Sausages Regensburg Wurstkuche
Regensburg Wurstkuche Regensburg Wurstkuche Sausages Wurstkuche Kitchen
Regensburg's Wurstkuche is at least 500 years old and claims to the be the oldest sausage tavern in the world. Since Forrest's fondest memories of his sabbatical in Germany revolve around German Wurst, he had to put three pictures of them on this page.
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