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Williamsburg Recipes @
Williamsburg Inn Turkey Soup
I haven't made this yet but sounds like a good way to use up that leftover turkey carcass and meat. Not sure of prep or cook times.
Williamsburg Orange Cake
This is a really nice tasting cake with a nice orange flavor but not overpoweringly so. It's traditionally a fall and winter cake when dates and currents are more plentifull. However the sunny orange flavor makes it good in the spring and summer...
Williamsburg Inn Mixed Nut Condiment
Had this on a buffet table at the Williamsburg Inn. It was so good I asked the waiter for the recipe. Have made it ever since for special occasions and special friends. All amounts can be altered to suit your taste.
Williamsburg Cheese Biscuits
Buttery cheese biscuits from Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.
Williamsburg Almond Puff Pastry
A specialty recipe from the Candlewick Bed and Breakfast in Williamsburg, Virginia; a delicate treat.
Williamsburg Chicken
As Served at London Town Publik House
Plantation Recipes
Plantation Ribs
My family won't eat ribs cooked any other way.
Plantation Muffins
Wonderful for your brunch buffet.....from a B&B website, credit given to Middle Plantation Inn.
Plantation Dressing
This was the house dressing at The Plantation restaurant in Moline, Illinois. It is no longer around, but many around here still remember this fabulous dressing. I can't say this is the exact recipe they used, but it is very close if not exact. It...
Coconut Plantation Bread
Excellent bread. No butter recipe. Time doesn't include 20 min. standing time.
Plantation Milk Punch
An after dinner drink.
Plantation Coffee Punch
If you like iced coffee or coffee ice cream and CHOCOLATE, this is the punch to make. It reminds me of Coffee Coolata from Dunkin' Donuts.
No-cook Plantation Strawberry-Pineapple Jam
Freezer jams are a great way to put up in a hurry.\
Plantation Sweet Potato Pone
This is a very old recipe, dating back over 100 years. Good, old fashioned southern cooking.
Southern Plantation Lima Beans
These came from a North Florida plantation cook and are GREAT with Ham or anything grilled!!
Miscellaneous Plantation Recipes
Plantation Casserole
An easy and tasty vegetable casserole with a little bacon for crunch and extra flavor.
Penne with Shrimp and Bacon
Plantation Stew
This uses lamb but could be used with other meats as well.
Brunswick Stew (with its history)
Candied Plantation Yams
Carolina Plantation Recipes
Hampton Plantation Shrimp Pilau
Oven Fried Plantation Chicken
Carolina Plantation Rice Recipes (Click on 'Recipes')
Choose from a list of recipes including: Hoppin' John
Shrimp in Caviar Cream Sauce
Herbed Dove Portabella Mushroom, & Venison Sausage Gravy
    Over Carolina Plantation Rice; continued -->
Pecan, Parsley Rice
Blue Crab Cakes with Tomato-Chive Butter, Black Beans and
    Carolina Plantation Aromatic Rice
Carolina Plantation Aromatic Rice and Shrimp Salad with a
    Lemon, Garlic and Dill Vinaigrette

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