Clean Up after Hurricane Charley, August 13 - 14, 2004 (page 4)

SunBelt Landscape picked up any trees or branches if they were left at the curb.
From a vacant lot Dumpsters
I gathered this small pile from the vacant corner lot next to our house. Such piles ended up in dumpsters.
on Heritage Drive
Most piles were bigger.
They were shredded by a giant 'chipper'.
I cleaned up that whole pile of mulch by myself. It is amazing what a man can do with a shovel and garbage can!
I started out by myself.
About half-way through Pete came over to supervise!
OK, OK. I confess. I had a little, teeny, amount of help from the professionals.
The back-hoe just climbed to the top of the pile.
I am surprised it did not get stuck!
Hurricane Coming Here is a picture from the Heritage Marina on the eve of Hurricane Charlie. This was taken by Joanne Urso with her new digital camera.
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All in all, we came through Hurricane Charley quite well, especially considering it essentially hit us head on.