Hurricane Charley, August 13 - 14, 2004 (page 2)

Proceeding on Heritage past the Golf Club toward out house, things got progressively better.
Heritage Drive Heritage Drive Heritage Drive Heritage Drive

There was at least
one near-miss.
Near Miss
There were also a few hits, fortunately none major.
Nicoll Barnes

Homeowners recently purchased our Marina. Did it survive its first hurricane under new ownership?

Frayed Sails Frayed Sails
The marina had a few frayed sails -- roller furling sails still need sturdy covers.
Rub Rash Broken Windshield
There was some "Rub-Rash" and a broken windshield but, again, nothing major.
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This was a Category 1 hurricane. It shows that it would be wise to evacuate if a Category 4 hurricane comes in.