Hurricane Charley, August 13 - 14, 2004

Hurricane Charley struck Florida as a category 4 hurricane, ripped across that state on Friday the 13th, and blew our into the Atlantic. It then came back ashore, making landfall just south of us and came right across our house! By then it was a category 1 hurricane and barely ruffled our feathers. We lost one branch from a tree in the front yard. When Forrest cut it down, he discovered that it had broken earlier and the top half was rotten.

Our branch Our branch
Our one little wimpy broken branch. We were lucky.

A few spots in Heritage were not so lucky. Starting about one-half mile up Heritage Drive, there was a war-zone. Both lanes and the median of Heritage Drive were blocked by a huge tree, at least 40 feet high and 5 feet around. It looked like this.
Heritage Drive Heritage Drive Heritage Drive

Right after the storm, residents had their chain saws out! In addition, Alberto brought his crew to help his favorite customers.
Clean Up Clean Up Clean Up

If you got past the tree across the road, you came to the Heritage Golf Club.
Starter House What is this?
This is what was left of the starter's house and its little 'thing-a-majig'.
The entrance to the Golf Club was clear but the exit was completely blocked.
Golf Club Golf Club
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All in all, we came through Hurricane Charley quite well, especially considering it essentially hit us head on.