We spent a relaxing two days in Jasper national park including canoeing and fancy eating.

Canoe Edith Cavell
Most of the meals were included in the tour, here Edith Cavell now under new management.

Leaving Fairmont Jasper Lodge, we stopped at Maligne Canyon.

The Maligne River flows over hard, volcanic rock on one side of the bridge we crossed. It appears to be only a few feet deep. The river crosses under the bridge and flows through limestone where it cut a channel three hundred feet deep. After this, it flows underground and scientists don't exactly where it goes from there. Dye put into the river here emerges a few weeks later in many strange places.
River Canyon Canyon

All Aboard -- The train leaves for Vancouver and Victoria Island.

Train Champagne Observation Car
Via Rail restored cars from the '50s.
Forrest rode trains through this area in 1953.
On boarding, we were greeted with
champange and hors d'oeuvres.
After this, the observation car
was a popular destination.
Dining Car Friends
Are you surpised that we ate well on the train? Our tour included these delightful couples from Great Brittan.
In fact, our tour included people from South Africa and Great Brittan, as well as states from Oregon to Florida.

Our first stop in Vancouver was at Patriots Point.

Patriots Point
Harbor Market Totems
Wow! There was a lot of stuff to do in Vancouver. But it was on to Victoria Island by ferry.
Butchart Gardens Butchart Gardens Butchart Gardens
Butchart Sunken Gardens. One of the fountains. Butchart Italian Gardens (for Giacomo).
There were some showers on Victoria Island; the only rain or dark clouds we saw on the whole trip.
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