Sample Headings from Flaming Text


3D Outline; font=roostheavy 40 pt

3D Text; font=cooper 40 pt

3D Text; font=cooper 34 pt
upper color bluish 0 153 255
lower reddish 204 51 51

Alien Glow; font=futura_poster 30 pt

Beveled; font=bodidly 30 pt
Pattern=Dried Mud (50+choices)

Blended; font=dragonwick 30 pt

Blood; font=bloodgutter 99 30 pt

Bovinated; font=roostheavy 30 pt

Carved; font=engraver 30 pt

Chalk; font=crillee 30 pt

Chip Away; font=roostheavy 30 pt
many patterns

Chrome; font=bodoni 30 pt

Color; font=comicscartoon 30 pt

Comic; font=tribeca 30 pt

Cool Metal; font=crillee 30 pt

Crystal; font=engraver 30 pt

Double Outline; font=cooper 30 pt

Drop Shadow; font=appolo 40 pt


Electric; font=bizarre 30 pt

Frosty; font=becker 30 pt

Glossy; font=becker 30 pt

Glowing; font=Alfred Drake 30 pt

Gradient Shadow; font=Alfred Drake 40 pt

LCD Panel; font=(no choice) 30 pt

Neon; font=blippo 30 pt

Old Stone; font=Romeo 30 pt

Outline; font=alfreddrake 30 pt

Pattern Shadow; font=alfreddrake 30 pt

Perspective; font=futura_poster 30 pt

Plain; font=cooper 30 pt

Sota Chrome; font=roostheavy 30 pt

Stained Glass; font=becker 40 pt

Starburst; font=blippo 30 pt

Textured; font=engraver 30 pt

Wood; font=Tribeca 16 pt
many patterns available
these are Habitat for Humanity Buttons
Wood; font=Tribeca 16 pt
    Button Out Pattern = Wood#1 'Newsletter_out16pt.gif'
    Button In   Pattern = Wood 'Newsletter_in16pt.gif'
    Header   Pattern = Wood#2 'HEAD-Collegiate24pt.gif'



This "greenish" text is homemade; 00070700. Some standard colors that have names are given below.
This "reddish" text is Firebrick. This color is DeepPink. This color is Coral. This color is Darkmagenta.
This color is Blue. This color is BlueViolet. This color is CornFlowerBlue. This color is Cyan.
This color is ForestGreen. This color is DarkOrange. This color is Red. This color is Tomato.
This color is SteelBlue. This color is Sienna.

For a complete set of colors with names, click colors.html .