European Tour

Gibraltar is very British and much more than "The Rock." It has become quite a tourist attraction.

The Rock
The Rock of Gibraltar as seen by us from the harbor side.
It is certainly one of Gibraltar's most famous features.

Tunnels crisscross through the top sections of the rock.
Amazingly, the first tunnels were blasted out like this.

Forrest & Ape
Ape Family

The Apes of Gibraltar run free on the Rock. Legend has it:   "As long as there are apes, Gibraltar will be British."

The Pub
The town of Gibraltar tries very hard to look British.
These "soldiers" outside a pub won't take tips.

What does this remind you of? We did not take this
tour. We rode the cable car to the top of the rock.

Casablanca had the North African Moslem mystique that one would expect.

The King Hassan Mosque is very modern and high tech.
It is the second largest mosque in the world.

Pat at Mosque
It has a retractable roof, the world's tallest minaret
and a laser beam which points toward Mecca.

City Hall
The City Hall served its purpose but looked strange to us.
The people seemed to be waiting to conduct business.

The "King's Palace" houses Moroccan government offices.
There was an armed guard every 50 feet. We didn't tarry.

Casablanca was an interesting mixture of old and new.

These scenes were on opposite sides of our tour bus.

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