European Tour

We did not quite know what to expect along the French Riviera.

Cannes Panaroma
We walked around Cannes and ate lunch there on our own. We expected a tourist trap because of the Cannes Film festival and its location on the French Riviera. Instead, we found a quaint, and quite lovely, French seaport.

Lunch in Cannes
We had a decaf expresso at a small cafe in Cannes,
just like the "rich folks." (decaf expresso??)

On a lifeboat
Cannes could not accommodate large ships at the dock.
We "commuted" using the ship's lifeboats as tenders.

Farmers' Market
This farmers' market was just two blocks up the hill
from the harbor and fashionable part of town.

Narrow Streets
The city was "discovered" in 1834 by Lord Brougham.
The charm of the city as it was then can still be seen.

Barcelona had a huge seaport and a Gothic Quarter built from the 13th to 15th Century.

Barcelona House
This 1400's house used Roman walls (seen thru window).
It also had the unique maibox shown in the next picture.

Barcelona Mailbox
The birds above the mail slot show the hoped for delivery.
The turtles below the mail slot show the expected delivery.

Barcelona Panaroma
The Barcelona port is so huge you can't see it all at once. This is a portion of the harbor as seen from the nearest mountain top. The hills rise quite quickly from the port of Barcelona to the Olympic stadium of 1992.

Gaudi Cathedral
Barcelona has a unique cathedral by architect Gaudi.
His buildings have no corners, just curves, inside and out.

Catalonia Dance
This statue shows the traditional dance of Catalonia.
Catalonia is quite different from the rest of Spain.

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