Santiago de Compostela.

Tradition says that in 813 a group of pious Christians were led by a star to a field where they found the tomb of Saint James the Apostle. This became a holy place and eventually housed a huge cathedral. It became a pilgrimage center to cater to the need for food for pilgrims the dish we know as "Coquilles Saint-Jacques" was developed. In fact, the badge of pilgrims contained a cockle shell, along with other items. "Coquilles Saint-Jacques" is one of Pat's favorite seafood dishes.

This is a long range view of the cathedral.

Church Offices
Across from the Cathedral are church offices.

Mass was being held in the cathedral when we were there.

Ferdinand and Isabella built this hotel as an inn for pilgrims.

Here is some fun showing the advantage of digital photography. Below is the original picture of the "Church Offices" shown above.
Move your mouse over the picture to see how I removed the people.

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