ZIP CENTRAL a free zip/unzip utility

Download ZipCentral and save to your hard disk, e.g. in "My Downloads".
Open ZCsetup.exe (e.g. double click it).
This will install Zip Central on your computer. (Use all the defaults).
You can run 'Zip Central' but it is easier just to select a zip file, e.g. '' and right click it.
Select 'Open with Zip Central'. You should see a screen with the zipped files. Click 'Extract' (menu bar).
Click 'Browse' and select a folder for the extracted files. That's it.

If you want to use more features of Zip Central, or my instructions were too terse, there is an On-Line Manual (FAQ) accessible from your START button or the 'Help' tab from the program menu. Don't try their web page -- it has disappeared.

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