Ever want to have the directory of a folder in a text file? (For a printout, just print that file.}

Here is one simple way for Windows XP users to write the directory of a folder to a text file.
Use Notepad or WordPad to make this file:
   @echo off 
   dir %1 /o:gn > "%temp%\Listing" 
   start /w notepad "%temp%\Listing" 
Save this text file with the extension .bat. (I name it MakeDirectoryFile.bat so I can remember what it does.)

Put this file (or a copy) in the folder for which you want a directory. Open the file (I double click it).

What will happen? A command line window will open (ignore it). A Notepad file will open with the directory listing. You can save this file or print it. When you close the file, the command line window should disappear as well. If not, simply close it by clicking the ususal X in the upper right corner.

If you don't want to type and can download .doc files (e.g. MS Word) you can download the file. (This avoids typos.)
MakeDirectoryFile.doc.     Just make sure that you save it as a text file with the extension .bat.

One of the Special Interest Groups (SIG) of the Waccamaw Neck Computer Club focuses on web site design. It offers monthly presentations on subjects related to web page construction. My presentations were (are)
  • "HTML"
  • "More HTML"
  • "Animated and Transparent GIFs"
  • "JavaScript"
  • "Website Audio"
You can download the files from each of these presentations using the links below.

All of the files (except 'Website Audio') are compressed as zip files. The best way to use them is to unzip them with a program such as WinZip. (Windows XP users can access the files without WinZip but this is NOT recommended). If you don't have WinZip, you can download a free program right here,   Zip Central.


Click on the link to the file you want. A dialog box opens which allows you to store the zipped file in a location of your choice. Remember where you put it. Unzip each file to folder such as "_moreHTML" but DON'T rearrange the subfolders.

Website Audio (1) A short presentation on how to play music (or any audio file) in the background. (2)How to play music with the user's default application and (3) How to "stream" audio.
16DEC04.zip Two topics; (1) Animated and Transparent GIFs, (2) JavaScipts: Your own and others.
More HTML A zip file containing lessons on Frames and Cascading Sytle Sheets (if time permits).
There is nothing to print before class. See the discussion above if you need help with zip files.
Attributes for Frames Here is a reference file giving the Attributes for Frames. Attributes are those 'extras' that you use to tailor your frames to exactly what you want. Examples are 'scrolling' and 'noresize'. However, if you want to use any of these HTML lessons, I suggest you purchase a reference book on HTML from O'Reilly (the publisher).
JavaScript Lesson A zip file containing lessons on Image Manipulation, Dialog Boxes, Drop Down Menus. These were demonstrated at the October meeting but not explained. See the discussion above if you need help with zip files.
HTML Class 1 A zip file for the HTML Class1.     (updated: September 22, 2004)
HTML Class 2 A zip file for the HTML Class2.     (updated: September 22, 2004)
The introductory classes were repeated three times in the hope of making them accesible to as many people as possible and will not be repeated in my lifetime. You may want to download the introductory lessons and study them on your own. Print the files in each folder named "pdf" on a color printer and use as a text book -- no need to print the other files. If you downloaded these lessons before the date shown, discard the old files and download new ones.

Here are some random thoughts that I have expressed at various computer club meetings.

FlamingText.com is a great site to make free headings, buttons and other artwork. There are so many choices that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Here is a sample of all their headings (as of June, 2003). At the end, there is a link to a chart of all the colors which have official HTML names. Sample of all Headings from FlamingText.com.

Link to the official HTML names & Hex code for Official Web Colors mentioned above.

Here is a rather old introduction to making your own web site. It contains a Starter Home Page which you can copy and change to fit your situation. You can make neat graphic headers at Flamingtext mentioned in the paragraph above.

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