We used to volunteer at some of the community outreach programs for the needy.
(There is a separate web site of Habitat for Humanity.)

Pat delivers
Pat delivering at Baskerville
Forrest delivers
Forrest delivering at Baskerville

Our church, St. Pauls UMC, is known as the "Peanut Butter and Jelly Church." Baskerville Food Pantry gives two bags of groceries, on a one time basis, to needy families. Those groceries last about two weeks, on average. St. Paul's puts one jar of Peanut Butter and one jar of Jelly into those bags. Pat & Forrest would collect the Peanut Butter and Jelly, shop for those who would rather donate money, and deliver the "goods" to Baskerville.

Volunteers Volunteers

Other volunteers do the actual distribution, we just deliver. Here are the two volunteers on the day we took our camera. Coincidentally, they also go to St. Paul's -- Tuesdays are the days St. Paul's staffs the Food Pantry. The other four days are staffed by other churches or organizations.

We have volunteered at "Friendship Place" in Georgetown which serves hot lunches and distributes bakery goods to anyone who comes. We hope to post pictures about that effort but want to make sure we respect the privacy of those who are served.

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